Joep Piscaer

Joep has 15+ years under his belt as a socio-technical CTO and DevRel Leader; a true technologist with team- and community-building skills. He works in roles on the intersection of technology and storytelling, specializing in building credible developer-focused community, product-led platform engineering, industry analysis and technical content.

The red thread throughout his career is participating in and building community and coaching others to do the same. He’s now building community at HashiCorp and does analysis of Kubernetes, Storage and Platform Engineering solutions for GigaOM. He also organizes two Devopsdays events in the Netherlands.*

Joep is a certified Scaled Agile DevOps Accredited Facilitator, enterprise architect (DYA) and holds the prestigious VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification (#101, 2012).

Joep is an author (Digital-first Events, a book on creating meaningful digital events) frequent speaker at conferences on socio-technical and personal improvement topics, such as Impostor Syndrome and why you shouldn’t solve organizational issues with technical solutions (looking at you, Kubernetes).

He is a returning delegate on the event series, a co-host of TheCUBE and The CTO Advisor. Joep Piscaer